Monday, September 6, 2010

The end of summer is here, finally!

After a Spring and Summer of moving from Arkansas to Texas, extensive repairs on our RV that we live in, two return trips to Arkansas and 3 week long visits from grandkids and a one week visit from my cousin and husband, we currently have 1 day left of summer - tomorrow - Labor Day. 

From April through August we have been busy literally every day.  Full but fun, we're also exhausted!  We look forward to fall and cooler weather.  We had a mishap with our awning on the RV a couple of months ago and instead of replacing it for approximately $1,000 we repaired it for very little and now have it out.  We purchased a patio table with 6 chairs and umbrella and some new lawn chairs, 2 being loungers.  They now sit on a 39 x 12 ft. piece of indoor/outdoor carpet that we also purchased and that lays along the entire length of the RV.  It keeps dirt down as well as allows us to walk outside barefoot.  With plants around and some solar lights it is more of a porch now and all our neighbors have come and commented on how nice it looks. 

Being in our RV semi-permanently we decided that we wanted to be able to expand our living area somewhat.  We have located a subdivision we would like to live in and build a home but await the sale of our home in Arkansas and/or other monies to come before doing so.  We could go ahead and build now but we are very content in the RV and it's paid for.  So for now we wait and watch what the Lord is doing. 

In March I started Weight Watchers and in just the 1 month before the move I lost 10 lbs.  When we decided to lease our home and had to move so quickly, I sold or gave away all my dishes, pots and pans and anything that I would need to cook.  I didn't have time to cook or think of anything except getting out of that house in 10 days.  So we ordered lots of pizza and burgers and just worked like crazy to move.  I thought to myself, "Oh well, I guess I can always start the diet over again when I get to Texas!"  When we got here the RV had to go into the shop for 3 wks, we lived haphazardly for a while, so dieting was not on my agenda.  Long story short, after a summer of grandkids and other company and traveling, I figured I had regained that 10 lbs.  SURPRISE!  I bought a good scale and I hadn't regained a pound! 

So 2 wks. ago I decided to start my diet again - 1 wk. before my cousin and hubby came for a week long visit...great....we'll be eating out again!  I lost a few pounds before they came and ended up keeping it off as well.  Back on the diet again and so far, since March I've lost 18 pounds!  Now I'm really inspired and know that I have conquered some of the basics and know how to eat in a more healthy way.  My goal is to loose 62 more pounds and maintain that weight.  Being realistic, I know that I look and feel so good at a 40 lb. loss, so I'm not going to be disppointed if I don't attain that original goal by my son's wedding in May. 

On day I will post before and after pictures, but not yet...I can feel the 18 lb. wt. loss, but it doesn't show in pictures.  I look forward to swimming in the pool and biking with Bill or my friend Jody, now that the weather isn't so hot.  Swimming won't be for too long though probably - October at the latest.

Jack has enjoyed the air conditioning this very hot summer and Barney has even given up on a lot of his roaming to come lay on the vinyl flooring and cool off.  Speaking of Barney, he brought us two presents inside the RV through his little kitty door...2 female LIVE cardinals he caught.  He let them go, I caught them and let them fly off...I sure hope they made it.  Bad cat, Barney!

Tomorrow all the campers will leave by noon and the park will be empty for a few weeks until we have a Fandango in the park.  There is a large open field in the park where Jack runs and it will be filled with various bands playing Texas Swing music and the park will be full again.  Then in November there will be a Chili Cookoff and the crowds will be back.  But other than that, the park will be empty other than the occasional camper and we will have a time of quiet to contemplate, read, relax, shop, prepare for the holidays and love one another.  I look forward to having girl time with Jody and shopping.  Fall cometh!  Thank you Lord!

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