Wednesday, August 18, 2010

UPDATE on our Summer

I think the last post I made was when Madison, our grandaughter was here.  We had a wonderful week with her.  A few weeks later we were enlisted to take her and her two cousins, Eden and Andrew to camp in Arkansas.  They had to miss out on camp due to a funeral and had to be rescheduled.  Since Madison wanted to go to camp with Eden she also rescheduled and that's why we had her a week while her older and younger sister with Eden and Andrew's younger sister went off to camp. 

Anyway, we took off for Arkansas for a week.  We drove to Houston, left Barney with our daughter Melody and with Jack in tow we left early on a Monday morning and drove over 8 hrs. to camp.  We dropped Jack off at our friend's house, took the kids to camp and got them all set up and returned to our friend's home for the week.  They have a bed and breakfast in their home and since they are good friends we stayed there so Jack could run their property and not worry about being leashed all week.  He thoroughly enjoyed the river behind their place and we enjoyed not having to worry about him.

We played a game (Joker) most of the week, and drove over to Tulsa from Hot Springs on Thursday to visit with our youngest son Mark and his fiance' Kim.  We returned to Hot Springs on Friday and Saturday after camp we drove 8 hrs. back to Houston, spent the night and then back to Canyon Lake on Sunday morning. 

Some people think we're glutton's for punishment, but we consider it a joy to have our grandchildren around us.  When we returned to Houston I realized that our daughter Melissa was going to be gone with her 3 to a family reunion for her husband's family and that Melody's 3 kids were just going to be sitting around all week while their mom worked over 40 hrs. that particular week, due to extra training.  So we gathered Madison and her 2 sisters back up and brought them back to our RV or a whole 7 days. 

Movies, swimming, swimming and movies, cookouts, games of Joker, late nights talking, another run to Yogi Bear campground for the 2 youngest made for a full week.  When their mom came and got them on Sunday we were two pooped grandparents! 

The following week I felt bronchitis setting in slowly - so slowly that I knew no doctor would give me antibiotics until it was full blown.  That happened on the weekend (of course.)  So Monday I went to the walk in clinic and there was a 2 hr. wait...uh, no...So I went home and suffered another night in the recliner sitting up, got up early on Tuesday and went back to the clinic and got meds.  So last week I spent recuperating from bronchitis. 

Now I've had our daughter Melody's 3 kids this summer (1, twice.)  But Melissa's 3 had not been here at all and being a fair minded grandparent I knew that would never do - for me or them.  This being the last week before school, I asked to bring Eden, Andrew and Oakley here, so last Sunday their dad met us 1/2 way between Katy and Canyon Lake - about an hr. for each of us. 

So we've had the 3 kids for a few days, swimming, movies, picnic, watching the stars through the telescope and playing Joker of course.  We were to meet their mom 1/2 again tomorrow afternoon, but she called today and said she needs to come get them today.  So she's on her way right now and I've told the kids "I have a really, really neat surprise for you!"  They of course are all excited and I told them they'd have to wait a couple of mom will spend the night and we'll grill burgers and roast marshmellows and they will  leave in the morning to get ready to start school on Monday.

So a very full summer for us all - Jack and Barney included.  Jack has enjoyed the kids (he loves to play chase and herd them!)  Fall is on it's way (Praise GOD!) Only 3 weeks left till Labor Day and my friend Jody will be finished with her job here at the campground and we can go play!  I'm ready for some adult company!  My cousin and her husband will come after Labor Day and we'll explore the Texas Hill Country together in the cooler weather! 

Then we can Hit the Road Jack...again!  See ya down the road!

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