Monday, February 7, 2011

Let's catch up!

In Texas we're proud of our cows! 
This one's on the Buckhorn Saloon & Museum
in San Antonio!
 I had to re-read my latest post to see where to start this next update.  Catching up, we had a gorgeous fall, at an Unnamed Resort - a resort it ain't!  It was ok, but not great.  The only reason we were there was because of our cat, Barney.  He was allowed to roam free and that was important to us since we brought him from 3 acres in Arkansas to a 33 ft. 5th wheel RV.

The fall did not go as I had planned, playing with my friend Jody. Why?  Because her daughter became engaged and she was busy planning a wedding with her mom and friends in Fredricksburg where the wedding took place.  Christina & Marcus married 2 days after Thanksgiving and the wedding was gorgeous as were the happy couple.  I took pictures of the wedding and loved every minute of it. 

Then, the holidays were upon us and our 6 oldest grandkids came for almost a week during Christmas break.  The weather was beautiful so Bill set up a tent beside the RV and he spent the night with 3 of them in the tent and they rotated between sleeping in the tent and RV.  Only one was smart enough to figure out that the RV is more comfortable than a cot in a tent.  But it's different and that's what counted - the experience of sleeping outside with their cousins and grandfather, listening to the crickets and telling stories. 

We returned the grandkids to Katy and spent the Christmas holiday with their parents, our twin daughters and their husbands.  Lots of fun was had by all.  My son in law, Phillip who is a carpenter made me some drums as a Christmas gift.  I played drums in school for 8 yrs. and he made me Cahones - they look like square boxes and can be viewed on  They are very cool!  Thanks Phillip!

Prior to Christmas we decided to move back to the better campground that we were at in 2008, Yogi Bear Jellystone Campground.  We talked with the owner and explained the situation about Barney and he agreed to let Barney run free since he would put us in the back part of the campground where he wouldn't bother anyone.  What a gift from God!  The campsite he assigned to us is the largest one in the whole campground and also the largest and best of all the campgrounds in our area - we know, we drove through them all!

We have approx. 1/4 acre of woods right out our front door and behind us with a long dog run behind that.  It is peaceful and quite, cool and shaded and Barney and Jack love being outdoors together and put on the afternoon "Jack & Barney Show", romping and playing, Barney teasing Jack and Jack running figure 8's around Barney.  It's absolutely hilarious and I've been trying to video it to put it on you tube for others to see.  Who knows, maybe it'll get picked up by America's Funniest Home Videos and I'll win $10,000?  That is, if Jack & Barney will cooperate!  The minute I bring out the video camera they stop playing!  It's as if they know my ulterior motive!

We moved back to Yogi Bear on Jan. 2nd.  This campground is very large and shaded, pristine, well cared for and has many activities for children - it's geared towards families and children. No rowdy college drinking crowds here. Speed limit is 5 1/2 MPH!

Our neighbor at the other "resort", Richard, a retired dentist towed our 5th wheel here.   I owe that man a steak dinner even though we bought him a couple of bottles of his favorite wine.  He's a great neighbor and loves Jack and Barney and after a vacation in Cozumel he will be moving to this campground as well I believe.  He has already said he would take care of Jack for us if we travel...which we will be doing this summer, quite a bit I hope.  But we'll take Jack with us some too - that's why we got him - to be our first line of defense...problem is, he's so friendly that he'd invite the thieves inside and show them where we keep the safe! Poor Pitiful Pretty Puppy.....(that's what I call him!)  He's grown up since the picture was taken with all the's the latest picture taken today: 

Jack was 1 yr. old in January

We will be trying to consolidate the two small storage units we have soon.  One is in Hot Springs and the other is here.  Our youngest son will be moving into his own apartment in Tulsa, so we will be giving him a bedroom suite from storage, some dishes, etc. and the rest we'll bring back here in a U-haul trailer. 

As I stated in a previous post on this blog, we were undecided as to what we want to do - buy a house or not.  We're still not positive, but the campsite we have at this wonderful campground makes us want to stay here - for now.  We have everything we need or want - beautiful yard, great neighbors - some permanent, some come and go.  "Snowbirds" from up north are here in the winter and we gather together constantly.

Every afternoon, weather permitting we gather from 3-4 PM under the oak trees for coffee and visiting, catching up.  There is a Monday afternoon Bible study for the ladies, Tuesday game night, Thursday night Covered Dish Dinner.  Some of the ladies get together and go

The local brand new library has activities almost everyday of the week and on Wed.'s I go to geneology classes. At lunch time you can come and watch a video about various subjects - some cooking demonstrations, etc. 

So as you can see, we have a very full life and that doesn't even include our church!  We have been to several churches since being here and finally have settled I believe at Renew Church in New Braunfels.  The pastor and his teaching is awesome and their main thrust is to train up leaders to go into the world and preach the gospel.  There are no viewers at this church, just do'ers! 

I hope to keep this blog up and keep our friends informed on our "doings".  I hope you'll leave your comments so I can see who's reading all this. 

See ya down the road - REALLY!  (We're still getting ready to HIT THE ROAD, (with) JACK!)